Tamprės ,,Sea Green”

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Jeigu ieškote lengvumo pojūčio šios žaismingos, itin švelnios medžiagos ir išskirtinio dizaino tamprės, idealiai priglunda prie kūno ir užtikrina maksimalų komfortą.

  • Paaukštinta juosmens juosta
  • Nepersišviečia.
  • 82% poliesteris, 18% elastanas

Can I resize later if I buy the wrong size?

We aim to make every piece of clothing we design to be perfectly comfortable for you. If it should happen that the size is even slightly wrong, please contact us and we will replace it free of charge.

We pay for the shipping, so you can rest assured - the return will cost you nothing. You can find the size chart here.

If you have even the smallest question - contact us. We'll help you find the perfect size for you.

Can I return the items?

Yes! You can return the purchased items within 60 days of delivery for a full refund.

No questions asked! We know the return process can be frustrating, so we've made it super easy. We pay for the shipping, so you can rest assured - the returns are 100% free.

Love For Nature

We create high quality clothes, so they will last really long. No more fast fashion. No more strain on out Mother Earth.

Top Quality Fabrics

Premium breathable fabric. Durable, no pilling, no see through. Can withstand a lot of workouts.

Eco Friendly

Clothes are made from at least 30% sustainable, recycled or biodegradable materials!

Free Shipping

Free shipping and easy returns. 60 day money back guarantee. Try us out with no risk.

HOLY HERITAGE donates part of the profits to the Rainforest Rescue foundation.

Rainforests are under constant threat from development and climatechange.

They support around half of all land-based species of plants and animals on Earth but they are steadily declining.



Hello, my name is Raimonda. Nature inspires me to create, because it is perfect as it is.

You are a part of nature and you are the most beautiful when you are yourself.

The clothes we wear change our well-being. Therefore, the designs we create are intended to bring beauty, harmony and lightness into your life.