Nature is our home, where the mind and spirit instantly calm down, feeling the soothing shelter of Mother Earth. But the Earth is not only our joy, but also a heritage that we must take care of. 

We are responsible so that our grandchildren can run barefoot in the fields and breathe the fresh air of the forests.

Factories, unlimited supply, garbage and pollution already greatly exceed the capabilities of nature, which normally regenerates and saves us.

Now it's our turn to help her!

OUR MISSION: To create a counterweight to the global fast fashion and stop the problems arising from it - especially the pollution of nature.

After listening to Teacher Nature, we found a solution.

Centennial trees have taught us longevity and durability;
plants that decompose and feed other organisms - regeneration and reuse;
animals that change their clothes - comfort and adaptability.

This is how Holy Heritage, a collection of high-quality, long-lasting, comfortable clothing made from recycled materials, was born. Combining the wisdom of nature and the latest technologies.


Hi, my name is Raimonda. Nature inspires me to create, because it is perfect as it is.

You are a part of nature and you are the most beautiful when you are yourself.

The clothes we wear change our well-being. Therefore, the designs we create are intended to bring beauty, harmony and lightness into your life.